Alex Selimov

Graduate Research Assistant
Materials Science and Engineering Department, Georgia Institute of Technology
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I am a graduate research assistant pursuing my PhD in Materials Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology with a planned graduation date in Fall 2022. I currently work with Dr. David McDowell in multiscale modeling and coarse-graining techniques for atomistic simulations with a focus on the interactions between dislocations and interfaces in nanolaminate materials and stainless steels. I work primarily with Fortran for the development of our in-house simulation suite, using the Message Passing Interface (MPI) for efficient implementation of parallel algorithms, and Python for development of data analysis pipelines utilizing Pandas, Scipy, Scikit-Learn, Numpy, and Tkinter modules. I have also contributed to projects which use C and C++. I have extensive experience with Linux environments, shell scripting, and building applications for computing cluster architectures. My research has applied our coarse-grained atomistic method in addition to the Lammps simulation tool for studying the properties of metallic nanolaminates and stainless steel materials with microstructures characteristic of irradiation. I have published five peer-reviewed journal articles with a majority of my PhD research still in preparation for publication.

I am currently pursuing career opportunities for post graduation where I can apply my extensive experience with materials modeling, high performance computing, and scientific software development.

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